PrayerSong History


Chants for meditation, worship,
and prayer.

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PrayerSong draws from the spiritual tradition of Gregorian chant, chanted songs at the Weston Priory in Vermont, and chants from a monastary in Taize, France. PrayerSong also adds western classical, folk and jazz music to a communal practice of prayer.

The purpose of PrayerSong is to attain a communal sense of wholeness by singing prayer to invite a Spirit of peace to remove from us all feelings of isolation and discontent. While singing, we become aware of the community of voices contributing to our inner peace as we contribute our voice to the music and Holy Spirit that surrounds us.

PrayerSong is similar to ancient traditional chant in that it relies upon repetition of short phrases to assist the mind and body in attaining peace through breathing and concentration. However, PrayerSong sometimes departs from the ancient tradition of slow chant by using a variety of tempos and rhythms to express feelings and meanings of Scripture in addition to monastic stillness. While maintaining a prayerful attitude, some PrayerSong also seeks to reflect joyful aspects of the divine.

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